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Artyom Badalyan
Artyom Badalyan
Managing Director

Artyom Badalyan was born on June 6, 1973 in Moscow, Russia.

Creative producer, promoter and owner of the artistic and production agency Art of Artistic GmbH (Berlin, Germany) www.art-of-artistic.de, which is the official partner of companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone Group Entertainment and many others all over the world.

Since 1996 Artyom has organised Christmas and circus programmes in Germany.

In 1998, jointly with partners, he created Palazzo, the famous dinner show in Europe, which combines haute cuisine, variety and performances by renowned artists. Parallel to this, he set up an agency dealing with the promotion of Ukrainian and Russian ballet and circus performers for the world circuit.  At the same time Art of Artistic agency worked worldwide towards the creation of turnkey customising shows to suit the customer, by controlling and implementing the whole process from concept to final product. Now Artyom Badalyan’s company Art of Artistic GmbH also creates its own shows, being the contractor and realiser all in one person. From 1998 until 2011 Art of Artistic GmbH was a chief producer of the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts, representing its graduates abroad.

In 1999 Artyom Badalyan became a co-producer of the RIZOMA Variety Theatre and continued their European tour right up until 2008.RIZOMA was highly prized by leadership of Cirque du Soleil who made an offer to arrange a joint world tour of Cirque du Soleil andRIZOMA.

1999 – 2008    European tour of RIZOMA project https://vimeo.com/59346022.

Since 2005 Artyom Badalyan and his Russian partners, launched a new direction for the company, i.e. event management in Moscow, which organises and implements a broad range of different types of events for Russian companies, private persons, as well as global corporations such as BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti and BP https://vimeo.com/62241359

From 2006 Art of Artistic GmbH has been organising castings, developing and creating new acts for Cirque du Soleil. In parallel, the company started implementing the first visit of Cirque du Soleil to Russia.

In 2008 Artyom Badalyan created and produced the dance and artistic show 6&7, based on the well-known Freedom ballethttp://youtu.be/lkMfp4vQ0L4 and made its public debut in Berlin. Now 6&7 is obtaining great success in many other German cities.

In 2010 Artyom Badalyan became a co-producer of Jamala and Revue Show.

2012 − 6&7, in cooperation with Franco Dragone, created a new Chinese project Taboo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvl2-Crf19k in Macao. 

In 2013 Artyom Badalyan became an independent and self-sufficient producer of the theatrical and circus show RIZOMA Timehttps://vimeo.com/71281728.

In 2013 Artyom Badalyan, jointly with Aleksandr Tsekalo, continued filming the TV show Cabaret With No Limits for Channel One Russia. Art of Artistic GmbH arranged the arrival in Moscow of more than 150 artists from all over the world for this particular TV project.

In 2014 Artyom Badalyan worked out a project as a part of a unique platform, to enhance the quality of events, shows, ceremonies and advertising in the world market of the entertainment industry. This project combines database, ideas and professional training courses with seminars and workshops.

In 2015 Artyom Badalyan successfully held the First International Creative Exhibition https://youtu.be/_20Aogra_PE in the field of entertainment and show organisation.

2015 − arrangement of the Amen project http://www.amenproject.net in the Arena di Verona (Verona, Italy), dedicated to the centenary of Armenian genocide.

Today, Artyom Badalyan’s company is shifting in a new direction in the sphere of developing and producing young talent on ESBMplatform (Event and Show Business Market).

Principal objections of the company:

-          Creative consulting, skills workshop for creative management, choosing of team;

-          Artists casting, choosing of team for TV shows, etc.;

-          Management of Rizoma show, 6&7 show, Fredom-Jazz band;

-          Organisation of the dinner show Palazzo Witzigmann, Germany;

-          Corporate Galas (themed, entertainment, eventive);

-          Fashion shows (classical, dance, mixed);

-          TV show castings (Stars in Circus Ring, Magic TV, Cabaret With No Limits, celebrities of show-business, etc.);

-          Presentations (Maybach, BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes, Sport Coupé & M Klasse, a new line of watches, jewellery, etc.);

-          Opening ceremonies (shopping centres, exhibitions, including open platform events);

-          Theatrical concerts of symphonic orchestras;

-          Contemporary shows;

-          Variety.

Language proficiency:

Russian, German, English.

Soft skills:

-          Knowledge of specific features and mentality of different countries;

-          Ability to find creative solutions;

-          Composure and ability to work under pressure;

-          Combination of structured and systematic approach, whilst working with creative individuals;

-          Ability to resolve conflicts, staff motivation skills, building new teams from scratch for working on projects and their further development;

-          Excellent understanding of public demand and marketing planning.

Sergej Einhorn
Sergej Einhorn
Documentation management from A to Z 

Sergey was born in Tallinn, studied in Saint-Petersburg, then continued his education in Germany, where he graduated from economic department of University of Freiburg. Since 2002 Sergey has been working at Art of Artistic in the capacity of documentation manager, equally succeeding in all spheres: conducting negotiations, drawing up contracts, meeting and accommodating the artists.
Elena Gladey
Elena Gladey
Kiev branch
Representative of Art of Artistic in Ukraine. 
Artistic manager of Taras Pozdnyakov's project [Raw Art]. Elena is a ballerina with economic education. Since the age of six till seventeen years old she has been dancing in children's folk choreographic group "Tsvety Ukrainy" ("Flowers of Ukraine"), at the same time studying at school with physical and math bias, from which she graduated summa cum laude. She combined the studies at Kyiv National Economic University with her work in a night club ballet, and in 1998 she became an actress at RIZOMA Theater. Higher economic education and understanding of the specificity of artistic activities from the inside helped Elena successfully realizing her potential in the sphere of artistic management: at first – as RIZOMA theater executive director, then, in 2006 she became a representative of Art of Artistic in Ukraine, and in autumn 2011 she assumed the functions of artistic manager of Taras Pozdnyakov's post-circus project [Raw Art].
Andrey Silchev
Andrey Silchev
Head and teacher-coach at founded by him acrobatics school.  
Since childhood Andrey was interested in synthesis of arts and sports: he started to learn folk dance at the age of four, at ten he entered an acrobatics school, at nineteen he was invited to popular Berlin FriedrichStadt Palast as a stunt performer. Since 1997 within the composition of acrobatic group "Zebras" Andrey Silchev has been successfully touring around the world, from Japan to Australia. In 2002 to create "Teeter board" he was invited to the world-renowned "Roncalli" circus. At that time Andrey Silchev began his fruitful cooperation with Art of Artistic which is still active. In parallel with his creative work Andrey pays much attention to coaching: first – at famous Voronezh Sports Acrobatics School, and starting from 2011 – at acrobatics school founded by him, which has several branches in Voronezh region. Andrey Silchev's School promotes a healthy lifestyle, instills the importance of athletics in children, preparing the most talented among them for further professional stage activities.
Alexandr Kannskiy
Alexandr Kannskiy
Aleksandr, 29. Born in Yakutsk
(Russia), lived in Crimea(Ukraine), graduated from Kiev's University of Theatre arts: class film director and register. I have been working for TV and cinema for more than 10 years since, having experience of cameraman, director of photographer and  
director of editing.
I clearly see my future in filming entertainment movies for cinema. best regards Alexandr Kannskiy...

Art directors

Anatoliy Zalevskiy
Anatoliy Zalevskiy
Art directors
Anatoliy Zalevskiy was born in Berdichev on April 20, 1974. At the age of five he started to train in Berdichev circus studio led by Valentin Motsny. In 1991 he entered State School of Circus and Variety Arts, graduated from it in 1995 honors standing, being the best student of class. In 1998 he won Grand Prix and golden medal at 21st International Circus Festival "Mondial du Cirque Demain" in Paris. 1999, at 23rd Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival he was awarded Grand Prix and the highest prize worldwide – "Clown D’or", won Walt Disney Studio's choice award and the prize of Monaco Clubs Association for the best background music. In 1999 Rizoma performance was opened at Kiev I. Franko Theater, subsequently shown in the largest German cities, in Athens and Monte Carlo as part of European tour. This performance completely shot by German television was broadcasted for audience from Germany, Switzerland and France. In 2003 Zalevskiy's plastic theater was established named after his famous performance – Rizoma. In 2009, in Berdichev, the grand opening of Rizoma art studio took place, based on the old cultural centre at the expense of Mr. Zalevskiy.
Taras Pozdnyakov
Taras Pozdnyakov
Art directors
Founder and creative director of [Raw Art] post-circus project: www.rawart.ua Bold combination of several circus genres performed by the top skilled artists, alternative music score and minimalistic costume design – this is the direction in which post-circus project [Raw Art] headed by Taras Pozdnyakov has been developing since 2005. 
In 2012 Taras created a conceptual video of [Raw Art] project, which absolutely accurately demonstrates the style, the idea and the trend of the project: http://youtu.be/9xcXrSuN1D0 
Director's career: 
The first work directed by Taras Pozdnyakov – act by the Iroshnikovs brothers which was awarded a Golden medal at Paris Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2004 and a Silver clown at Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo in 2005. The following acts were created: 
[Crossroads] (Aleksey Yegorov and Taras Goy, free cross-wire, 2004); 
[Nannou] (Natalia Kolesnikova, balancing with acrobatic elements, 2004); 
[Fade to Black] (Elena Pobokova, juggling, 2005); 
Evgenia Svirova (juggling, 2006); 
[Dirty Mary] (Maria Torianik, juggling, 2007); 
[Yu+Na] (Yulia Poddubnaya and Natalia Panasenko, plastic balancing, 2007). 
In 2007 [Question] act was created (plastic balancing performed by Sergey Timofeev), which won the main prize of Paris Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain – Golden medal 2008. 
[Sea Story] performed by Aleksandr Koblikov (juggling) created by Taras Pozdnyakov jointly with Yuriy Pozdnyakov, in 2009 was awarded a Golden medal – the main prize of Paris Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain and a Silver Clown at Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo in 2013. 
In 2010 several acts were created which, as well as [Sea Story] performed by Aleksandr Koblikov presently form parts of [Raw Art] project: [I.S.J.] performed by Ekaterina Nikiforova; [Ring-o-graphy] performed by Alexandra Savina; [J-Ropes] performed by [Raw Art] artists; [Heartache] performed by Anastasia Mazur; [P.S. Escaped] performed by Pavel Stankevich. 
At Paris Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2011 [P.S. Escaped] performed by Pavel Stankevich was awarded a bronze medal. Artistic experience: 2000 – 2007 – work with act [The Rings] (directed by Taras Pozdnyakov and Anatoly Zalevsky) within Anatoly Zalevsky's "Rizoma". Education: In 1999 graduated from Kyiv State School of Circus and Variety Arts with honors, majoring in "Juggling and balancing". 
In 2005 graduated from The National University of theatre, cinema and television of Karpenko-Kary, majoring in "Circus director".