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Saulo Sarmiento

aerial act / Spain

My name is Saulo Sarmiento and I’m a 24-year-old acrobat, dancer and generally speaking multi-discipline artist from the Canary Islands (Spain). The artistic life began with my rigorous training as gymnast at the age of 13 with my first coach Jose Luis Sanz. As part of the Canary Islands gymnastic team, I was lucky enough to participate in many international festivals and championships. This is where I did my first steps in dance too. In order to pursue my artistic training and growth I moved to Madrid at the age of 18, where I got to work in Grease and Cats street musicals as well as to tour as a dancer with several singers and bands (like Banghra). But my true professional life didn’t really start until I met Luka Yexi and his company (KALEIDO). I passed auditions to train and work with this company and I actually consider this as the real beginning of who I am. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to take part in a lot of events and shows with his amazing company : Dreams, Ecopolis, eXtravagaria Cabaert, Onyria and many others. This is what I consider the intensive training I have experienced in all dancing styles, but especially in all aerial acrobatic performances (silk, hoop, rope, trapeze, bungy…). After 4 years of training and working for Kaleido, I decided to audition for different companies and ended up moving to Paris to work with FARFADAIS ( Thanks to Stéphane and Alexandre Haffner, the company’s creators, I had an opportunity to work and travel all around the world (Thailand, Zurich, New York, Tunis, Italy, Spain, Russia, UK, Gabon, Angola, China, India just to name a few). My training was further continued with Chinese Pole, Straps, Pole Dance, Aerial Fights, Hand to Hand and other group acts. Being in Paris gave me the incredible opportunity to work on TV shows and events with such great choreographers as Giuliano Peparini ( (Sidaction – Lara Fabianvideo), Franco Dragone entertainment ( I was part of the famous and incredible show “the house of dancing water” by Franco Dragone, in Macao, during 2012. My artistic life go high when, in 2012, I won Pole art ( Since there, I did not stop to work around the world as a solo artist. 2013 Had been the most full work year, working as solo artist in “china rouge” (macao), Abu Dhabi with Franco Dragone, Amici 2013 (italy) by Giuliano Peparini (you can find a short resume in my vimeo page), “the box” in London or “Lightseeker” the musical show in Singapore as a character. 2014 starts with the most incredible experience that a circus artist can have: “bronze medal at Cirque de demain” plus “cirque du soleil special prize for original act”. This two prizes bring me a future as an artist with many opportunities, and i did some tv shows in france as “le plus grand cabaret du monde” ou “the best”. Life also gave me the opportunity to be regularly hired as a model for agencies and photographers like Fred Goudon and this is another part I would like to explore more in the future.